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NPL/Paracraft is a life-long project to me, aiming to explore new logics in 3d design, AI and education. Your donations will greatly encourage me and leverage the project.

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Click here to purchase donation license key. Please note that paracraft is a free and open source movie making tool written in NPL. The donation key will only unlock some plugins and in-development functions in the software. Once purchased, you will receive an email containing your donation key.

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You can also donate directly to us for any amount you like. Please note, you will NOT receive donation key in this way. However, we can fullfil your development requirement if you are our top sponsors.

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About me

Hello, I am Li, Xizhi, developer of NPL project and paracraft. The NPL project was started in 2004, when I was in college; throughout the years I have been creating applications with NPL. I am preparing to completely open source it (about 2 million lines of code), so that every one can learn and use it.