About Us

A brief history

We are a tech company exploring in 3d design, artificial intelligence and educational software.

  • 2004, “Neural Parallel Language”: NPL is a language system initially designed to operate like the brain. Nodes and connections are ubiquitous; threading and networking logics are hidden from developers.
  • 2005, “ParaEngine”: a distributed 3d computer game engine initially designed to add visuals to NPL.
  • 2006, “kids movie creator”: a 3d movie maker for kids, our first formal application created by NPL/ParaEngine.
  • 2009, “Magic Haqi“: an MMORPG for kids to play, create and share 3d worlds. Over 1 million lines of NPL code covering all client/server side logics.
  • 2014, “Paracraft“: free 3d movie maker for everyone. It aims to provide a way in education to let people acquire computer knowledge and programming skills by themselves. This will become our only focus and product.
  • 2015, “NPL project”: we are going open source, and promote NPL via Paracraft.

About the team

I am Li Xizhi, developer of NPL project and paracraft.
I am looking forward to working with other programmers like me.

Email: lixizhi@yeah.net

Looking for donation

NPL/Paracraft is totally free. Your donation will help us leverage the project.
We are now subsidary of Tatfook Inc. Thanks to the sponsorship of Tatfook, we are capable to stay focused on core technology development.