What is NPL?

  • NPL(Neural Parallel Language) is an open source collection of libraries based on C++ and Lua.
  • NPL provides essential functionality for building 3D/2D/Networking applications.
  • NPL is a single language solution for advanced and interactive GUI, complex opengl/DirectX 3D graphics, scalable webserver and distributed software frameworks. It is cross-platform, high performance, extensible and debuggable.
  • NPL is a language system initially designed to operate like the brain. Nodes and connections are ubiquitous; threading and networking logics are hidden from developers.
NPL Runtime
Neural Parallel Language
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Screen Shots

Projects created with NPL

  • Paracraft: Free 3D movie maker for everone (Recommended)
  • NPL Code Wiki: web server written in NPL
  • Magic Haqi: 3D MMORPG for kids to play, create, share 3D worlds (over 5 million registered users in China, online since Nov, 2009)
  • Kids Movie Creator: early project released in 2006.